This is the robot that I am most proud of designing, building, and programming. It is programmed to ride along an elevated piece of 2x4 wood or a taught line/rope while continuously scanning the environment below. The robot automatically travels back and forth along the distance of the wood/line, allowing for you to shift the wood/line perpendicular to the robot's travel, simulating the movement of a scanner or printer head. After scanning the entirety of the environment below it, the robot compiles and exports the data as a 3D topographical map into Microsoft Excel.


A more basic, yet still challenging and fun build, this robot was where I first experimented implementing C++ into the physical world. This robot was programmed to travel along a line drawn or taped on the floor, and allowed you to increase or decrease its speed (at the sacrifice of precision) on the fly by tapping its front-mounted button with your foot.


This robot was built using Lego Mindstorms and programmed in Robot C. The construction of this robot was not entirely original to myself, heavy influence + help was taken from here. However, adjustments were made to the overall design to accommodate for my personal access to parts and specific Rubik's Cube. The code was done by myself to best suit the unique colors of my cube.